Jan 12

How to set the alarm clock which it is easily harmful to health?

Nowadays, human knows how to concern and care their health more before so they always cultivate the necessary knowledge or learn some good tips from friends in the real life. Besides they also care the health for their children. Many parents encourage children playing the sport to get a good health. For example they are quite willing to spend money buying the some tools which they will support for children’s exercise such as: children’s slide, trampoline for kids, swing, the sport bike for children….. I talk this because I want to give the evidences that people know how to care the health by themselves as well as other people in the family.

There are many factors and the habits in our life which they will affect to the health. I guess that the habit to use the alarm clock properly will be very few people to know and this simple thing is also easily harmful to the health for people who use it. In this writing I will share all of you how to set the alarm clock and its effects to our health.

Using the alarm clocks

alarm_clockThis equipment is very convenient to wake us up and its price is not high and very easy to use. So it is used very popular in our life. However if you do not use it properly it will make the bad effects to people health.

The sound of bell is too large

With many reasons many people want to set the alarm clock with the large volume to fight the sleepiness and maybe it is the best solution at that time. In fact, this also brings many negative consequences for health as follows:

  • You are awakened by the loud sounds unexpectedly when you have the deep sleeping. The big sound will make you startle especially it will affect your nerves.
  • Moreover, the large bells of alarm clock will cause the feeling of discomfort. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 07

Great benefits of walking for your health

Do you like sport? What is your favorite sport? How do you play sport to bring a good for your health? … There are many questions around the sport. Today, human are interested in their health and everyone chooses a sport which it is suitable with their health situation. Some people like football, volleyball, tennis or trampoline. Trampoline is the new game it was “born” from http://kidstrampolinecenter.com/best-trampoline with a lot of different designs, sizes and its price. Now trampoline is used widely and popular game for most of family and it also has a lot of positive influences to our health.

Besides some kind of sports above, many people like walking because it is gentle, close, easy and suitable for all ages as well as the body condition.

Walking brings a lot of benefits to our health. That is the reason why you can see today there are many devices such as treadmill…to support those who like to walk at home or gym.

However, to having the good result you must know to walk properly and its benefits with your health.


Walk properly

Walking is the exercise which it is familiar with many people but how to walk properly to bring the best effects I think you need learn more. Four ways to walk is the most popular today:

  • Walking ordinary
  • Walking with swing your arms
  • Getting dropped two hands
  • Walking fast

Which way can you choose it depend on you but you should only walk around 30 minutes to 40 minutes each day. However, many walkers said that they like to walk in the early morning because this time is very good with the fresh air, cool breeze and light sunshine. These elements also contribute to bring the wonderful benefits for your health. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 19

Be a good neighbor: learn to get along with those who live nearby


Father’s Day was coming up, and Juan Mundo-Sifuentes and his neighbor Gregory Schoenberg wanted to do something special for Gregory’s dad. After a bit of brainstorming, they decided to make a workbench. Mundo-Sifuentes, 18, of House Springs, Mo., was eager to help.

It didn’t matter that the gift wasn’t for his own father, who had recently died in Puerto Rico, where Mundo-Sifuentes was born. “Since I had lost my father a few months before that, making the workbench was really liberating,” he recalls. “I was building it for [Gregory’s] dad and also building it for my dad.” He helped with every part of the project, including the tedious cleanup, and he had fun throughout.

Mundo-Sifuentes wanted to give back because the Schoenbergs had been like a second family to him. “Whenever they need something, I’m always glad to help. We’ve always helped each other,” he says. “They took me in when my family was going through some economic problems. They let me eat at their house. The whole helping out with their family, it’s a paying-back kind of deal.” Truly, he was being a nice neighbor.

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Oct 19

The workout that has you workin’ it

Remember last year’s New Year s resolution? Yup, the one about getting in shape once and for, all. You might not have made good on that promise, but the year’s not over yet–right?

Since time is short, we’ll let you in on a shortcut. You can get your feet jumpin’ and your l heart pumpin’ without lacing up your sneaks for a chilly morning run.

Instead, take some of your favorite CDs, add a few hard-core moves, throw in an exercise instructor, mix things up, and what do you have? You’ve got a workout and a party rolled up into one.

Pump Up the Jam


Devora Canario stands at the front of a large dance studio. On all sides of her, the lights are Broadway, the sound system is mega, and the music is pulsing. This is an exercise class?

Devora-call her D-starts calling out rhythmic instructions to her hip-hop aerobics class at a Crunch gym in New York City. “BOD-y roll, uh-huh … BASKET-ball, uh-HUH … FIVE, six, seven, EIGHT–and BOUNCE!” D is a choreographer whose dance ideas have sPiced up everything from Gap commercials to Christina Aguilera concerts. She’s also a certified personal trainer. Today, D is taking a class of mere mortals through the motions. (We sent a teen reporter to the class to get the scoop. See “Funk Central.”)

D’s goal for the class is nonstop movement. “Got to keep that heart rate up!” she likes to say. Heart rate is the number of times the heart contracts in one minute. In an adult, the average heart rate is 70 beats per minute. However, the heart rate is variable, meaning that the human body will increase the heart rate in response to different conditions, including aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is any kind of activity in which the muscles must draw on oxygen in the blood. Running, swimming, and dancing are all examples of aerobic exercise. They get the heart working harder and improve the body’s ability to extract oxygen from blood and transport it to all parts of the body. According to the American Heart Association, teens should raise their heart rate to a certain level and keep it there for 20 minutes at least three times a week.

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Sep 04

The Best Waffle Maker Is The One That Your Palate Likes Best!

Waffle makers come available in two different types. These two different types are no other than American-style and Belgian-style. Belgian waffles can be described as being round, fluffier, and much taller than their American counterparts. Traditional American waffles are thinner, much more square, and they have deep wells. These deep wells are designed to hold fruits, whipped cream, and or syrup. The round waffles, which come with either type, are something that tend to be small on the average. They also yield only one waffle at a time. Square irons produce perforated waffles. These perforated waffles can be torn or cut into four separate pieces.

The cooking process easier

Having the best waffle maker possible makes the cooking process easier. The process that goes along with the cooking of waffles in either one of these two waffle irons is something that is not complicated at all. If anything, it is simple, and you just do it as follows. First of all, you make sure that the temperature is where it should be, and most waffle irons do come complete with an indicator light that does tell you when the waffle iron is hot enough to use. The next step is to ladle in the batter and then wait until the waffle releases itself from the grids in an easy manner. Some units do come along with controls that do permit you to personally select the level of browning that you want. There are pro-style waffle makers out there that require you to flip them the unit over itself with the help of a handle during the baking process. This is done in an effort to evenly distribute batter and to make waffles even fluffier in essence. These irons are usually fun to use, but we have found very little evidence that does clearly show one thing, and this one thing is this. It is that the waffles that are made by these irons are supposed to be significantly better than those that belong to models where you don’t have to flip the irons over. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 04

Basic Kitchen layout shapes

What determines the shape of your kitchen?

Basic kitchen layouts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Kitchens as the old saying goes follow shape and function. Kitchens will be shaped in certain shapes because of the different appliances in them like fridges, freezers, oven and waffle makers, yet also because of design trends. Some of the most common kitchen shapes are the straight, the galley, the L, the U and also the G. These kitchen shapes are all based on the triangular work space.

The work triangle is an imaginary triangle that links the range, the fridge and the oven. The maximum size of this triangle in any kitchen is 26 foot.

Straight / Single kitchen

The straight kitchen does not have a work triangle as it is only a single wall. This shape is usually only for very small kitchens, or for smaller secondary kitchens in larger houses. It is the ideal kitchen layout for a small apartment. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 04

The Right Waffle Maker Is Something That Works Right Everytime!

As a proud mother of four children, I have learned an awful lot, and this awful lot is all about some very nutritious and filling breakfasts throughout the years. These are an example of some of the favorite food fare that goes on in my home. They are:

1. The Breakfast Taco


The breakfast taco is easy to make. First of all, you buy some flour that is inexpensive or some corn tortillas. You then crack two eggs, and this is two eggs per person, which you do plan to make the tacos for overall. You break the eggs into a bowl and add one cup of water to the egg mixture. You then add in some shredded cheese and then you mix it up. You can then cook up the mixture in a greased or non-stick pan. The choice is yours on this. You then put the pan over medium high heat, making sure to do one thing, and this thing is to stir the mixture often. When you notice that the eggs have started to lose off their liquid quality, you should then turn off the heat, and then proceed to let them cook thoroughly. You then take the eggs out and put them in a serving dish when the liquid is all gone. Make sure not to cover the eggs, as they can get rubbery, and you don’t want this to happen. Warm up the tortillas in the microwave only briefly. You should then take a little bit of butter, which can be done by placing the tortillas in a skillet, and then proceeding to spread a bit of butter out on them. You then fill it with a cup of eggs. If you do have, or if you like to, you can add them into the tortillas. These ingredients to include are hot sauce, avocado/guacamole, bacon, sausage, or any left over meat. Just roll up the tortilla and eat it up. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 08

The benefits of family cycling

As there goes a saying “family is a cell of social” the development of family is associated with power of social. Nowadays, the education and family time are very different. Parents hardly have time to do activities with their children. Instead of that, they just watch television or work with computer, no worries about what their children are doing. Actually, children are keeping their eyes on picture books or game also. This alert situation of the social has been reflected everywhere on newspaper, internet and other media. Many entertainment companies have taken their time to find out the best activity for this case. And cycling is highly appreciated for worthy benefits. Just take a time with me discover what cycling helps us.


Many people argue that bicycling must be the bridge for generations and connect family members closer. Every day, while parents must take care of their job, their children always spend time on studying, doing homework and completing a lot of lessons. And the meal time is for them to do together.

However, in this time, they concentrate on television for news or weather prediction and thus, the common voice in the family nearly disappears. What happen if parents are farer and farer away their children? Parents will have no chance to talk with their kids to understand what they need in that moment or what troubles as well as happiness you have at school. The time for family members is less, making the family not exist as the right way.

Standing at the problem, people have been encouraged to spend less time on working and more time taking activities with families. There are many entertainment types for you to select. Going to the cinema, the zoo or swimming pool together and even taking a trip for some days are suggested. Nevertheless, riding bike is selected for the fulfill foundation. The time to do this action with family seems longer and more useful than others.

Also, during the time riding bicycle together, if you meet any troubles, everything will be resolved by attempt of everyone in family. This must be the most useful lesson. In addition, taking a riding tour does not take you much time to decide. You are totally possible to arrange a weekend day for it. The preparation is not carefully required thus you feel comfortable for your team to join.


To ride a bike is not easy for the first beginners. During the training time, you could teach your kids how to ride a bike. This offers a lot of skills that a child needs to know. The first thing is balance on a bike. It could very convenient for you to choose the best balance bike for your kids. This kind of bike is seen as the best idea for children to learn how to ride a pedal bike later. For children, how to keep their body balanced is quite complicated to do. Thus, parents must find the simplest way to help them grab the last purpose. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 08

How much exercise do you need?

In 1996, the government told us we needed to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day to stay healthy. Now that’s not enough, especially if you want to avoid weight gain. The National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine, which advises the government on health matters, says you need at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily, no matter if you’re age 15 or 50.

With 60 minutes of exercise a day, you can maintain health and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer,” says Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. Research has shown that regular exercise helps keep your weight in check by raising your metabolism and burning extra calories. It boosts energy and self-esteem, builds strong bones, and beats depression and anxiety.

According to the Institute, your hour of physical activity doesn’t have to come in the form of one mega-workout. You can break it up and spread it out over the course of a day. All moderate activity counts, whether it’s walking to class, jumping rope with the kids you baby-sit, or mowing the lawn.

Which Exercise Is Best?

Moderate exercise feels “somewhat hard.” It’s not easy to do. If you’re in average shape, that means fast walking instead of strolling. If you’re in great shape, it means picking up the pace to at least a slow jog. Fitness expert Karen Voight says that, on a scale of 1 to 10, “teens should feel they are exerting at about a seven on the scale to gain the optimal benefits.” Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 08


The busy life has stolen almost of your free time to do different activities. So much time do you spend on work and study that you have no time to have any outdoor activities. According to healthy experts, one hour used for labor work including heavy or light job must need 2 hours for relaxing time. It is because the humankind never keeps going on their job continuously in a long time without recreating health.

Above all, outdoor activities are very preferred. This kind brings more benefits to people, especially in the healthy fields. For these reasons, try to arrange your budget time to join an entertainment with your family, friends and even yourself.

It is claimed that outdoor activities help you have chance to spend time in nature air. Riding a bike, taking a picnic and walking along the park are stark examples. Doing exercises in the fresh air improves your mental health and helps you de-stress. Moreover, the time to take these activities allows you to exposure to the natural sunlight, supplying you with the vitamin D of skin to elevate your moods.

The research always shows that spending time in outdoor activities has positive effects on both mental and physical health, also the obesity. It allows you to decrease depression and anxiety while increasing self esteem with the most comfortable feelings.

Why you should take time to join outdoor activities?

  • As I mentioned above, outdoor activity allows you to exposure to the natural sunlight, encouraging the skin recreation and activation through the vitamin D. it is clear that this type of vitamin helps you fight certain conditions, protecting you from heart attacks and cancer. Plus, it helps you keep your young skin for a long time, limiting the aging process. Read the rest of this entry »

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